Photography is a medium for me. It is a way of capturing an inner feeling that has drawn my attention to a composition, a moment or an experience. We all are moved by life in some way if we are truly alive. And it is what we choose to do with life on a day to day basis that either enriches our existence or passes us by. From childhood I have chosen to record life’s moments thru the medium of photography. Each image is the direct result of allowing something inside to surface and then making a conscious decision to record what I felt through use of the camera. Some images represent moments that can never again be captured and some represent painstaking patience waiting for an experience to recur.

The purpose of this site is to communicate recorded moments in the hope that what you see may provoke feelings that have meaning to you. Not every image will have an impact. But, I invite you to look beyond the technical representation to feel what exists within the image.

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